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Scottish Ancestry, Scottish Genealogy and Heir Hunting by Professional Genealogists in Scotland                

Gengenie Research undertake Scottish Ancestry Research, Scottish Genealogy Research and Heir Hunting in Scotland. Also known as an Heir Hunting company or Heir Hunters we are experts in locating missing family members of estates using genealogy and research sources. We then inform heirs of their entitlement to the estate in question.

Our  Scottish Ancestry, Scottish Genealogy and Heir Hunting services help our clients trace their Scottish Heritage as well as claim their entitled inheritance to these estates. We’ve helped many families throughout Scotland, the UK and globally.

Gengenie Research offer a local and UK service at more affordable rates than the bigger genealogy research companies. We offer a personal and confidential service with a free initial consultation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.



Scottish Ancestry Research

scottish genealogist Gengenie Research are professional Scottish genealogists who specialise in Scottish Family History Research. If you are interested in discovering your Scottish Heritage and Ancestry in Scotland, we can assist.

As professional genealogists, we have extensive access to literally millions of resources which we can use to help you discover where your Scottish Heritage and Ancestry in Scotland originates. Perhaps you Scottish ancestors were in the mining industry or were agricultural labourers! Or perhaps your ancestors had a Royal Bloodline and were linked to the Scottish Royal Family!

Gengenie Research specialise in Scottish Family History Research based at New Register House which is part of the National Records of Scotland with local studies in the East Lothian area. No stone is left unturned and many people who use our genealogy service express their delight by leaving their positive reviews for out testimonial page.

We offer several Family History Research services to help trace your Scottish Heritage and Ancestry in Scotland which include:

  • Scottish Ancestry Research Packages
  • British Ancestry Research Packages
  • Scottish Birth  Certificate Location
  • Scottish Marriage Certificate Location
  • Scottish Death Certificate Location
  • Census Tracing
  • Hourly Research for those missing individual family members

We offer Scottish Ancestry and Family History Packages to suit any budget and are able to carry out research throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. All of our services can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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Professional Genealogy Services Assisting Solicitors in Scotland

As well as Scottish Ancestry research, Gengenie Research also offer their services as professional probate genealogists and provide a variety of Probate Genealogy services designed to help solicitors and members of the public in locating missing people and obtaining the information needed to contact the heir in question.

These include:

  • Tracing legal heirs where an estate is intestate in Scotland and further afield
  • Locating missing beneficiaries named in wills
  • Locating Missing Heirs
  • Identifying the heirs of pension fund beneficiaries
  • Verification of an existing family tree
  • Obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Will searches

Whether you are faced with an intestate case or need to trace a person or a document, Gengenie Research can help! We use our  Probate Genealogy and Heir Hunting skills along with our Probate knowledge to locate missing people. With our ability to visit New Register House which is part of the National Records of Scotland at short notice we are ideally situated to help.

Our professional Genealogists offer a speedy, friendly and affordable service and, like you, we are determined to arrive at a legally sound outcome.We don’t cut corners and our reports and conclusions can be trusted and are readily accepted for missing beneficiary indemnity insurance.

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People Tracing Services Carried Out by our Professional Genealogists

heir hunters ScotlandThere are many reasons why you may be searching for a missing person. Family members may have become estranged through disagreements, divorce, bereavement.

Perhaps your family member has moved several times and you have lost touch throughout the years.

Gengenie Research's professional genealogists can help you locate your missing person with our People Tracing Service at rates that are very reasonable.

Are  you an adopted person searching for your birth family? The process of working out which information is relevant to you can be quite overwhelming.

Gengenie Research can help you locate your birth family with very little information using our People Tracing Services.  All you need is a copy of your original birth certificate before your adoption or your information supplied by your adoption agency to get started. So whether you are looking for living relations or wish to trace your Scottish Heritage we can  help you to trace you Ancestry in Scotland.

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We specialise in locating missing people whether it be lost family members or friends and colleagues.


Genealogy Detectives and Insurance Fraud Investigation

Our Genealogy Detective and Insurance Fraud Investigation service offers clients a way to searching for people who have disappeared from their most recent address whilst committing misdemeanours, our professional genealogists can offer our clients a fast, reliable and discreet service at very competitive rates.

Are you trying to find out if a partner has strayed or whether they might have a hidden family, we at Gengenie Research use our Genealogy Detective skills to discover what your partner may have been up to!

Our People Tracing Services are discrete and personal with very affordable rate, offering a tailored service for your missing person in Scotland.

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Family Tree Printing

Not sure what to do with your Scottish Ancestry and Family History Research! Once you have completed your family history research on the Ancestry  website or the  Find My Past website for example how do you get a printed family tree? It does not matter whether you have researched you Scottish Heritage or Ancestry in Scotland. Whether you are from Ireland, England or Wales we at Gengenie Research can help!

We can check over your work and print out your family tree and information with our large format printer into a chart you can lay out and view. You can have your chart printed by us and share your work with your family.

We offer a range of sizes and styles so  why not get in touch for a quote.

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