Probate Genealogy

Tracing Missing Heirs to Estates


Gengenie Research area a Probate Genealogist and ‘Heir Hunter’ company specializing in tracing missing beneficiaries worldwide.
We locate the missing family members of Estates using Genealogy and Research Sources and inform them of their entitlement to the estate in question, offering Our Probate Genealogy Services to help our clients claim their entitled Inheritance to these Estates.

Whether this is an Estate being held by the Treasury Solicitors or perhaps a private case which we have been asked to take on for a Solicitor we will trace and contact all the legitimate beneficiaries informing them of their entitlement.

Our Range of Services

Gengenie Research offer a variety of services designed to help solicitors and members of the public alike.

These include:

• Identifying the heirs of pension fund beneficiaries
• Tracing Legal Heirs Where an Estate is Intestate
• Locating Missing Beneficiaries Named in Wills
• Locating the Owners of Unclaimed Shares
• Identifying the Heirs of Pension Fund Beneficiaries
• Missing Person Searches
• Family History Research
• Obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, wills etc
• Free consultation

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Family History Research

We offer Family History Packages to suit any budget and are able to carry out research over the whole of the United Kingdom. We specialize in Scottish research with local studies in th East Lothian area.
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Missing Person Searches

Our Missing Person Research can help you trace someone you have been searching for whether they have been missing for a few months many years.
Are you searching for an Insurance Beneficiaries, Family Member or a Long-Lost Friend, let Gengenie Research help you trace their location.
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