Ancestry Gift Voucher Service

Are you wondering what you might get your partner, family member or friend for an unusual Christmas gift? Do you have a family member who is interested in having their family tree researched but does not know how to start why not have a look at our Ancestry Gift Voucher service.

Our Ancestry Gift Vouchers offer a gift which will last your loved one for the rest of their life with document copies, a printed family tree and a printed report of their family history.

To arrange your Ancestry Gift Voucher you can choose which package or however many hours you wish to go towards your loved ones family history research, take a look at our family history research page to choose which you would like . It is simple to arrange just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your package on our family history research page
  2. Send us a message on our contact form  to make your enquiry
  3. We will send you payment details for your chosen package
  4. Make your payment to us
  5. Once we confirm that we have received your payment we will have your Family History Gift Voucher posted or emailed to you within 48 hours with a cover letter to your loved one explaining what their voucher entitles them to
  6. Vouchers are valid for a full year from the date on the voucher so your loved one has plenty of time to get in touch and arrange their research.

Ancestry Gift Vouchers, unusual Christmas Gift

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch now to have our Family History Gift Vouchers organized and ready for that special day, whether its and unusual Christmas gift, anniversary or birthday this is a unique way to celebrate your loved one starting their own family!

Our Ancestry Gift Vouchers will be the surprise they are waiting for!

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