Were You Adopted in Scotland and Want to Contact Your Birth Family?

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Are you adopted and searching for your Scottish birth family?

Looking to contact your Birth Family?

If you are searching for your birth family in Scotland and would like to contact your birth parents you will be wondering where to start. Your adoption records are the most obvious place to begin as they may offer details about your birth parents and the circumstances leading up to your adoption.

We would always advise clients to be prepared for the information available on your adoption records as you may not have any memories of your adoption and its surroundings. The information held on your adoption records may be distressing. Making contact with your birth parents may not always give the results you require.

Please be aware that you cannot view your adoption records if you are under 16 and were adopted in Scotland or under 18 and were adopted in England or Wales.

What Information Will We Need to Contact Your Birth Parents?

To trace your Scottish birth family and contact your birth parents if you were adopted in Scotland or anywhere in the United Kingdom, we will need some information about you. Such as your birth name before your adoption and date of birth. With this information we can trace your origenal birth certificate.

This should give us your birth mother’s name and possibly your birth father’s name. Not all birth fathers are named on their child’s birth certificate but where they are this can give us a good starting point.

If you do not have your origenal birth information from when you were adopted in Scotland this can be obtained from the National Records of Scotland Adoption Unit who hold original birth records for people born in Scotland.

When you receive this, you will also be told where your court records are being held. Copies can be requested in person, by phone, by fax or by post. You will need to supply proof of your identity and pay £15.00 in order to obtain a copy of your birth certificate.

National Records of Scotland Adoption Unit

Room 3
General Register House
2 Princes Street

If you were adopted in England or Wales you must be at least 18 years old before you can obtain a copy of your original birth certificate. You can receive a copy of your birth certificate by visiting the General Register Office website at www.gro.gov.uk.

Contacting Your Scottish Birth Parents

Searches for your Scottish birth parents can be straightforward or challenging. While some searches may be completed in a few days, other cases may take many months or even years.

Many people tracing their birth families find it a challenging experience. You can get advice and counselling to support you through this process from charities or from the adoption agency which arranged your adoption before you contact your birth parents.

Go-Between Services

Whether you decide to use a research service such as Gengenie Research to locate your Scottish birth mother or Scottish birth father or you decide to conduct your own search into your adoption in Scotland, you may find it useful to use a go-between service to make first contact with your birth relatives.

Using a go-between service can give relatives time to think carefully about their response to the initial contact before deciding whether to proceed. The Barnardo’s Scottish Adoption Service is one organisation which offers an independent go-between service if you want to contact your birth relatives.

Useful Contacts

Barnardo’s Scottish Adoption Advice Service (SAAS)
SAAS is a post-adoption service offering advice, support and counselling to anyone affected by adoption. SAAS may be able to help you to find out about your adoption in Scotland. They also provide a go-between service if you want to contact your birth relatives once you have located your Scottish birth family.

Barnardo's Scottish Adoption Advice Service (SAAS)
Suite 5/3
Skypark SP5
45 Finnieston Street
G3 8JU
Telephone: 0141 248 7530
Website: www.barnardos.org.uk

Intercountry Adoption Centre (IAC)
IAC runs an Intermediary Service which offers assistance to adopted adults whose adoption has an international element and who are seeking their records and/or who wish indirect or direct contact with their birth relatives. They may charge a fee for this service.

Intercountry Adoption Centre (IAC)
64-66 High Street
Helpline: 0870 516 8742 (Mon and Weds 10.30am-1.00pm; Mon, Tues and Thurs 2.30pm-5.00pm)
Tel: 020 8449 2562
Fax: 020 8440 5675
Email: info@icacentre.org.uk
Website: www.icacentre.org.uk

National Organisation for Counselling Adoptees and Parents (NORCAP)

NORCAP is a support group for adopted adults, adoptive parents and birth parents. It has a contact register which is now being held by the agency who are handling the administration of BAAF who previously held the contact register for NORCAP. You can lodge an interest to have the contact register searched on this website CoramBAAF
Natural Parent Network

Natural Parent Network is a self-help group which supports the natural parents of adopted children.

There contact details are:
Natural Parent Network
41 The Lindens
Friern Park
North Finchley
N12 9DL
Helpline: 0845 456 5031 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-11.30am)
Email: administrator@n-p-n.co.uk
Website: www.n-p-n.co.uk

Extending Your Scottish Birth Family

Once you have located your Scottish birth family you may wish to look further into your family history, Gengenie Research can also help you with our Scottish Family History packages, so why not check out our Family History page.

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