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Trace Your Ancestry in Scotland

There are many free resources available to research your family tree and trace your ancestry, but you may not have the time to do so. We are professional genealogists based in Scotland who can specifically research Scottish Roots and ancestry as we are close to Edinburgh’s New Register House which is part of the National Records of Scotland with local studies in the East Lothian area. We are very thorough and can fill in any gaps you have or start from the beginning. Depending on the package you choose, we can provide you with a printed chart and a report.

There is no charge for an initial consultation and you can decide how much or how little family history research you would like. As every family is different we would encourage you to get in touch so that we can discuss what you are looking for then we can tailor your package to suit you. The packages below will give you an idea of what you will get for your family history research.



Hourly Research

Hourly research is for research into a single person, local studies research, living relations and investigative work.

Scottish Family History Research Packages

For each of our Scottish Family History Packages you will receive a printed report of our findings along with a copy of all birth, marriage and death certificates as well as any census records used while researching your family history. You will receive copies of any extra documentation located in our research. Once all our research has been collated we will produce a printed family tree of your family history so that you can view your Scottish Ancestry in chart form.

We offer several packages to suit any budget so why not get in touch to discuss what you require.

Family History Package 1

Package 1 will take you back 3 generations.

This package costs £ 159:99

Family History Package 2

Package 2 will take you back 4 generations.

This package costs £ 279:99

Family History Package 3

Package 3 will take you back 5 generations.

This package costs £ 499:99

Family History Package 4

Package 4 will take you back 6 generations.

This package costs £ 799:99


If you would like a more tailored package or your Scottish family history research records go further back than package 4 we are happy to give a quote for extra research into these lines.

We also offer English, Welsh and Irish family history research so why not get in touch for a quote for these.


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