1st. March


Cardinal David Beaton, Archbishop of St. Andrews Cathedral had the Protestant reformer George Wishart burned at the stake at St Andrews for heresy.

2nd. March


King Robert II of Scotland was born the son of Walter Stewart and Marjorie daughter of Robert the Bruce

3rd. March


Alexander Graham Bell who later went on to invent the telephone was born in Edinburgh

4th. March


The Forth Rail Bridge is officially opened by the Prince Albert of Wales, the future King Edward VII

5th. March


King David II of Scotland was born to Robert I, The Bruce and Elizabeth de Burgh


Flora MacDonald, known for her heroism in aiding the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie died on this day and was buried in Kilmuir Cemetery, on the Isle of Skye

6th. March


Saint Baldred of Tyninghame, a Monk originally from Northumberland died on the Bass Rock where he had lived for many years as a hermit

7th. March


The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was founded in Leith, becoming the world's first ever golf club

8th. March


King William III dies after a fall from his horse at Kensington Palace  He is succeeded by his sister in law, Queen Anne, who was to become the last Stuart monarch

9th. March


Mary Queen of Scots' private secretary, David Rizzio, was murdered in front of her at the Palace of Holyrood by a group which included her husband Lord Darnley. The attempted coup that follows failed when Lord Darnley had second thoughts and helped Mary to escape to Dunbar

10th. March


St Kessog born into the Royal Family of Munster and, the original patron saint of Scotland, was killed at Bandry on the shore of Loch Lomond

11th. March


The death of Sir Alexander Fleming, the renowned biologist made famous for his discovery in 1928 of the antibiotic penicillin

12th. March


The death of Sir Alexander Mackenzie (Alasdair MacCoinnich) at Dunkeld. Alexander was known as a fur trader and explorer who plotted the course of the MacKenzie River in Canada

13th. March


Lone gunman Thomas Hamilton slaughtered 16 primary school children and their teacher in their class room at Dunblane Primary school

14th. March


Margaret Henderson Kidd was born in Carriden, Margaret was later to become Dame Margaret Henderson Kidd (Mrs. MacDonald) QC. In 1923 Margaret became the first woman to enter the Faculty of Advocates which was a male-dominated Scottish bar. She excelled at her chosen profession and became Britain’s first female King’s Counsel

15th. March


James Stuart VI of Scotland and newly crowned King James I of England travels north for his first and only visit to Scotland since he became King of England in 1603

16th. March

17th. March


The First War of Scottish Independence ended with the Treaty of Edinburgh and Northampton, under which the English Crown recognises that the Kingdom of Scotland was fully independent in its own right


King James IV of Scotland was born at Stirling Castle the son of King James III and Margaret of Denmark


18th. March


Mary Queen of Scots returned to Edinburgh with an army provided by the Earl of Bothwell. This forced the people responsible for the murder of her private secretary David Rizzio, to flee, many were later exiled


The King's Own Scottish Borderers were raised in Edinburgh by David Leslie, 3rd Earl of Leven to protect the city. 800 men were recruited within the first hours

19th. March


King Alexander III of Scotland, died when he and his horse fell from cliffs between Burntisland and kinghorn in Fife when he was riding to be with his new bride Yolande de Dreux. He was succeeded by his grand-daughter Margaret of Norway


David Livingstone was born in Blantyre, Lanarkshire. David was one of the most famous European missionaries and explorers who travelled through the African interior

20th. March


St. Cuthbert, Monk, Bishop and Hermit who became patron saint of northern England died on the Inner Farne Island


21st. March

22nd. March

23rd. March

24th. March

25th. March

26th. March

27th. March

28th. March

29th. March

30th. March

31st. March

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