1st. November

2nd. November


The Scottish National Antarctic expedition left Britain led by Dundee born William Speirs Bruce. They arrived in the Falkland Islands in December of the same year

3rd. November


Sir Robert McAlpine, 1st Baronet died. Robert developed the construction company Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd. and was known as Concrete Bob

4th. November


Prince William of Orange married Princess Mary, daughter of King James II of England, Ireland and James VII of Scotland. The couple later became King William III and Queen Mary II of Scotland, England and Ireland

5th. November


Catholic King James II and his wife had a son in the summer of 1688. William of Orange and his wife Mary (daughter of King James II) were invited by James’s protestant opponents to invade England and take the crown protecting the protestant population and stopping the new Catholic heir’s taking their place on the throne

6th. November

7th. November


Isobel Gunn, (also known as John Fubbister or Mary Fubbister) Died. Isobel who was from the Orkney Islands took on employment with the Hudson Bay Company while masquerading as John Fubbister making her the first European woman to step foot on Rupert’s Land which is now part of Western Canada

8th. November


John Duns Scotus, died in Cologne. Duns Scotus war born at Duns in 1266 and became an influential Franciscan, Realist Philosopher and Scholastic Theologian. He was beatified by Pope John II

9th. November

10th. November

11th. November


At 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month 1918 guns fell silent on the battlefields of Belgium and France. This is a personal "on this day" to remember my own fallen hero My great-grandfather John William Paylor

12th. November


Malcolm Canmore, King of Scots and his eldest son Edward were killed at the Battle of Alnwick. Stricken with grief Malcolm’s widow Queen Margaret, who was renowned for her compassion and aid to the poor passed away shortly afterwards

13th. November

14th. November

15th. November

16th. November

17th. November

18th. November

19th. November

20th. November

21st. November

22nd. November

23rd. November

24th. November

25th. November

26th. November

27th. November

28th. November

29th. November

30th. November

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