Researching Your Scottish Family History

What do we at Gengenie Research need to get started on your Scottish Family History?

Are you thinking of hiring a professional genealogist to research your Scottish Family History? You may be wondering what information we at Gengenie Research might need to get started!

Starting Point

Gengenie Research need very little to get started on your Scottish family history, we can start from your birth information, your parent’s marriage information or if you are searching for someone further back we can start from a confirmed census record.

Information held in a Scottish birth certificate can be invaluable for tracing your Scottish family history. Apart from the obvious date and place where you were born your full birth certificate will tell us your mother and father's names (assuming your father was present at the registration).

A birth certificate will tell us whether your parents were married or not, where they were living at the time of your birth, if they were living apart both addresses will be registered. It will also tell us your parents occupation at the time of your birth.

If your parents were not able to register your birth your birth certificate will tell us who did register your birth as well as their occupation and where they stayed.

Do you have older family members you can chat with?

scottish family tree Chatting to older members of your family can be an invaluable way of learning about your family’s history. It is amazing how much information your parents or grandparents can remember from their childhood. Once the conversation gets going more and more information will come to light.

Ask your relations if they mind you jotting down their stories as you will never remember everything they chat about. It is always handy to carry a small notebook and pencil with you wherever you go.

You never know when your family may start discussing something out of the blue that you have not heard about. You never know what bits of information can be gleaned from a discussion.

The reason she was asking was due to her remembering a conversation with her sister-in-law *Mary. Mum had told aunt *Mary about recalling having a conversation over 50 years ago with her own mother “Grace”.  “Grace” had informed mum that her grandfather on her father’s side had been a prominent solicitor in his home town.

Aunt *Mary proceeded to tell mum she was talking nonsense, Uncle *Bob and mum’s family had all been in the furniture business. Mum didn’t know what she was talking about.

Obviously, this troubled mum enough to ask me to find out for her one way or another. Mum was delighted when I explained that she was correct her grandfather had indeed been a Solicitor! Unlike the rest of his siblings, father and uncles who were all cabinet makers and upholsterers.

Did your Ancestors emigrate from Scotland?

Scottish Family Tree

You may have heard your parents talk about their homeland and have a curiosity to discover exactly where they moved from.

If your ancestors emigrated further back in time you may be wondered what would have made your Scottish Ancestors leave this beautiful country. Filled with stunning scenery, wildlife and castles who would want to leave here!

For cases where your Scots Ancestors emigrated further back, we may need some extra information to get us started.

There are many reasons why your Scots Ancestors may have moved from Scotland. Perhaps they were evicted from their home in the Highland Clearances!

They may have been like so many immigrants today, searching for a better future for their children. Living in hope of finding somewhere to raise their family where they would not be hungry or cold.

Our Scottish Family Tree Research packages can help you discover where and why your ancestors emigrated. By working out when your ancestors left Scotland, we can find out what the country was like socially and determine the most probable reasons why your ancestors decided moving was better than staying.

Have you heard stories about a family skeleton?

Occasionally we at Gengenie Research uncover a few skeletons and secrets in our client’s closets. There may have been an illegitimate child born to an unmarried mother (something which is very common even in the 17 & 1800’s).

We could uncover a bigamous marriage or a court case your ancestor may have been involved in. Perhaps you have you heard your family members chatting about an incident you have never heard about?

Family skeletons can stay buried for generations before a researcher uncovers that elusive document or court record which spills the beans on your family scandal. We can help you uncover the fact from the fiction of your Scottish Family History.

So why not get in touch on our contact page to learn about your Scottish Family Tree.

*Names have been changed for privacy.


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