Royal Bloodline!

Do You Have A Royal Bloodline?

Royal Blood-Line
The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle

Have you ever wondered if you might have a Royal bloodline?

As the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle on the 19th of May at Windsor Castle draws closer the world is focused on the Royal Family, weddings and children. This is the perfect time to ask if you might have wondered what the possibilities are of you having a Royal Bloodline connection to Royalty.

How would you feel if you were expecting Gengenie Research to produce your Scottish Family History Package full of farm labourers, factory workers etc. and you then discover that you have a direct bloodline to the Royal Family? This is what happened when Gengenie Research undertook a case for our client *Rose.

Our client *Rose was interested in learning about her Scottish family tree and wanted to give her parents and children something remarkable to discuss. She also wanted to leave a legacy that the children could keep for the future.

*Rose knew very little about her family history further back than her great-grandparents so she was very keen to know where her family had originated from.


Researching Your Scottish Family History

We started by visiting New Register house which is part of the National Records Office in Edinburgh where we located Scottish Birth, Death and Marriage certificates along with Census records ranging from 1841 to 1911 in connection with *Rose’s family.

We traced *Rose’s family tree back to the start of the Statutory Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages in 1855, at this point we started researching the Old Parish Register records.

These records are scanned copies of the original church registers and can be full of interesting information which is added by the ministers at the time of the child’s baptism or couples marriage being documented.

Royal Bloodline
Royal Blood-Line Connections

We located the marriage record for *Rose’s ancestor named Donald Roy Maclean Esq. of Drimnin, Morvern, Argyll, and he had married Lilias Grant of Leith in 1793.

Finding Your Royal Connection

Lilias Grant (6th great-grandmother of *Rose) was born in 1773 the daughter of Christian Paton and Colquhoun Grant Esq. of Burnside, Inverness-shire after many months of research we discovered that Lilias was the direct descendant of Robert Stewart III King of Scotland making him *Rose’s 19th great-grandfather.

Royal BloodlineRobert Stewart III, King of Scotland, 16th great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.

*Rose and her family are absolutely delighted with the discovery that they are directly descended from the Stewart Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II and are now looking forward to seeing the finished printed family tree showing their Royal bloodline.

What Can You Do To Find Your Royal Connection

Look out for added information on registration documents. If a parent in a birth or marriage record is someone of notoriety there may be a Prefix or Suffix added to the names.

  • A parent may have their home added to their name such as Colquhoun Grant Esq. of Burnside, Inverness-shire
  • Try searching for the family surname along with the place name they are associated with
  • Try using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. as there is an enormous amount of online information you can draw on to find your Royal Bloodline

*We have given our client the name Rose to protect her identity for the purpose of this Blog




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