Professional Genealogists Locating Your Heritage in Scotland

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Tracing Your Heritage in Scotland ~ Scottish Ancestry Research

Gengenie Research’s professional genealogists specialise in researching Scottish family history and can assist you with finding out about your Scottish Ancestry. There are many resources available to research your Scottish family history and trace your ancestry, but you may not have the time to do so. We at Gengenie Research can carry out your Ancestral Research in Scotland on your behalf.

Regardless of whether you and your Scottish ancestors have always lived in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales or whether your Scottish Ancestors emigrated overseas we can trace your heritage in Scotland.

There are many reasons why families left Scotland, whether it was a recent move by you or whether your Scottish Ancestors left their homelands due to famine, highland clearances or lack of jobs the fact is that like you people worldwide have Scots ancestry.

We as professional genealogists based in Scotland can specifically research your Heritage in Scotland with our close proximity to Edinburgh’s New Register House which is part of the National Records of Scotland. We can take your family history back further than you could imagine possible.

What Information Do We Need to Begin Researching Your Heritage in Scotland!

Gengenie Research need very little to get started on your Scottish family history, we can start from your birth information. If you have your parent’s marriage information that can be a great start point. Are you searching for your Heritage in Scotland further back in time we can start from a census record which has been positively identified as having your Scottish family listed at the address on the census.

Scottish Ancestry ~Statutory Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Statutory registration of births, marriages and death began on the 1st January 1855 when it became mandatory to register and record all such occurrences. The information contained in these records has evolved over the years, the amount of information recorded now on the Scottish records are the envy of many countries.

The country was divided into registration districts which were originally based on the old church parish districts, in later years many of these districts were merged due to a decrease in population while new districts had to be created as populations grew in other regions.

We also examine the census records between 1841 and 1911 inclusive. The amount of information on the census records varies depending on the year but can be invaluable to your Scottish Ancestry.


Scottish Ancestry ~ Genealogists Finding Your Ancestry Pre-1855

Prior to statutory registration births, marriages and deaths were the responsibility of the Church of Scotland and are referred to as the Old Parish Registers. The responsibility for maintaining these registers was normally the parish minister or session clerk’s. As no formal procedure had been established the amount of information recorded can vary from parish to parish and from year to year.

As part of your Scottish Heritage research project we will also examine the Scottish Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791-1799 and 1834 – 1845. These reports were prepared by the parish minister and can provide an insight into life in the parish.

A recent development that is now available to researchers and this applies to both the pre and post 1855 options is the availability of Roman Catholic registers of births, baptisms, marriages and deaths. There are restrictions to access for births after 1914, and for marriages after 1934.


Scottish Family History, Scottish Ancestry, Scottish Heritage in Scotland

Scottish Heritage Research Packages

For each of our Scottish Family History Packages which trace your heritage in Scotland you will receive a printed report of our findings along with a scanned copy of all birth, marriage and death certificates as well as any census records used while researching your family history. You will receive copies of any extra documentation located in our research. Once all our research has been collated we will produce a printed family tree of your family history so that you can view your Scottish Ancestry in chart form.

We offer packages to suit any budget so why not get in touch to discuss what you require.

Scottish Family History Package 1

Package 1 will take you back 3 generations.

This package costs £ 89:99

Scottish Family History Package 2

Package 2 will take you back 4 generations.

This package costs £ 179:99

Scottish Family History Package 3

Package 3 will take you back 5 generations.

This package costs £ 459:99

Scottish Family History Package 4

Package 4 will take you back 6 generations.

This package costs £ 799:99


Why not save and print our free family group sheet and pedigree chart

which you can use to get you started

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Local Studies Research in East Lothian

Where local studies research in the East Lothian area is required for your heritage in Scotland we are situated within 10 miles of the John Gray centre where we can work directly.

The Archives at the John Gray centre are a large collection of original material going back more than 600 years. The collection includes manuscripts, minute books and images relating to many aspects of East Lothian’s history. The archives also hold the records of East Lothian Council and its predecessors.

Some of the genealogy records held by the John Gray Centre:

• East Lothian Image Collection
• Research guides
• Haddington Criminal Register
• Poor Law records
• Newspaper indexes
• East Lothian Life Index
• Index to Haddingtonshire Militia
• Index to District Council Minutes


Scottish Ancestry ~ Have you considered what occupation your Ancestors worked as?

scottish family history, scottish ancestors

How would you feel if you were expecting Gengenie Research to produce your Scottish Family History Package full of miners, farm labourers, factory workers etc. and you then discover that you have a direct Royal Bloodline, this is what happened to our client Rose. In our research of the Old Parish Registers we discovered that Rose’s Scottish Ancestors had married Scottish Royalty giving them a truly Royal Heritage in Scotland. This lead us to discover that Rose had a direct bloodline not only to the Scottish Royal family but also to Queen Elizabeth II herself.


Hourly Scottish Ancestry Research and Single Document Searches

Gengenie Research understand that Scottish family history or ancestry has become one of the biggest past-times and hobbies worldwide. The work and effort you have spent compiling your  heritage in Scotland will have taken you months if not years. We understand how frustrating it can be when it appears that the trail has run dry. This can often be attributed to a lack of online sources of information and your geographical location which means that you cannot access records that could solve the questions you need answered.

We have created our hourly rate option so that we can take over your research where you have discovered problems locating the next link in your Scottish Family Tree.

Our hourly research and quotes are for research into a single person search, single document searches, local studies research, living relations, missing person searches and other investigative work.

We charge £19:99 per hour, this gives you a report of our findings along with scanned copies of any documents located. Where legal certificates are required this will be discussed and charges are at cost price depending on which service is needed.

All our services are guaranteed to offer discretion with our clients wishes being our number one priority, so why not get in touch on our contact page to let us know your requirements so that we can offer you a discreet cost-effective quote.


Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate Location in Scotland
(also known as an Official Extract)

Scottish Family History

Documents are supplied at cost price plus however many hour’s research it takes to locate said certificates at £19:99 per hour. Any documents found will only be ordered once the client has agreed on the order going ahead, clients will then be invoiced for the documents agreed.

Standard Scottish Certificate Service

£10.00 per Certificate

For our Standard Scottish Certificate Service, we will visit New Register House, Edinburgh locate your certificate’s and have them shipped to your address, for UK based delivery address’s this will take approx. 5 to 10 days. For Overseas Deliveries this may take several weeks depending on the countries delivery service.


Express Scottish Certificate Service

£15.00 per Certificate

For our Express Scottish Certificate Service, we will visit New Register House, Edinburgh locate your certificate’s and have them shipped to your address, for UK based delivery address’s this will take approx. 3 days. For Overseas Deliveries this may take several weeks depending on the countries delivery service.



What To Do Now!

As every family is different we would encourage you to get in touch so that we can discuss which type of genealogy research you are looking for then we can then tailor your package to suit you. The packages above will give you an idea of what you will get for your Scots ancestry research carried out by our professional genealogists.

Whether you are looking to start your Scottish Family History research from the beginning or are looking to fill in any gaps in your own research we are very thorough and leave no stone unturned.

Give us a call on 07806513998 or contact us on our contact page and we at Gengenie Research will help you to work out which package best suits your needs. There is no charge for an initial consultation and you can decide how much or how little research you would like.

Why not check out our Blog Page for some useful tips and ideas regarding your research, likewise you can find some useful websites on our Useful Links Page which we have developed to help with your family research.

Drop us a line today for a free quote!

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