On This Day In Scottish History – October

Scottish History - October


Scottish History - October

1 October 1788
William Brodie, a Deacon of Edinburgh who socialised with the likes of Robert Burns by day and was a housebreaker and thief by night used his trade as a locksmith and cabinet maker to aid his robberies was hanged at Edinburgh's Tolbooth.




Scottish History - October

3rd October 1357
The Treaty of Berwick was signed at Berwick-upon-Tweed, ending the Second War of Scottish Independence and allowing King David II to be freed from English captivity and allowed Edward Balliol to take the throne again despite him never being accepted by the Scottish people.


Scottish History - October

4th October 1648
Oliver Cromwell was welcomed by Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll and the Covenantors of the Kirk Party to Edinburgh for a meeting which led to Cromwell leaving troops of the New Model Army to protect the hard-line Presbyterians.


Scottish History - October

5th October 1922
John “Jock” Stein was born. Jock became a football player for Celtic F.C. in 1951, later becoming manager of Hibernian, Dunfermline and then Celtic before becoming manage of Scotland in 1978


Scottish History - October

6th October 1918
The H.M.S. Otranto sank in Machir Bay off North Western Islay after it collided in fog with the HMS Kashmir. There were approx. 490 crewmen US servicemen and rescued French Fishermen, of these 468 men were lost, 80 members of the British crew, the 37 French Fishermen and 351 US servicemen leaving only 19 survivors.



Scottish History - October

7th October 1907
Helen Clark MacInnes was born in Glasgow. She was later to become a novelist writing 21 espionage thrillers such as Assignment in Brittany, Pray for a Brave Heart and Ride a Pale Horse which was her last novel.


Scottish History - October

8th October 1774
Rev. Henry Duncan, founder of the first ever savings bank, was born at Lochrutton.
A great champion of the poor, he set the bank up in his parish of Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire to assist parishioners who could not afford the 10-pounds deposit required by other banks.


Scottish History - October

9th October 1900
John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute died. He was a scholar, historian, archaeologist, romantic, mystic, and one of the greatest patrons of the arts in the Victorian era.


Scottish History - October

10th October 1797
Thomas Drummond was born in Edinburgh, Thomas was an engineer and the inventor of the Drummond Light who worked for the Ordnance Survey of Ireland before becoming a senior administrator in Ireland.


Scottish History - October

11th October 1760
Lord George Murray died in Medemblik, Holland at the age of 66. Lord Murray was a professional soldier and Jacobite who was one of Bonnie Prince Charlie's commanders during the ill-fated 1745 uprising.


Scottish History - October
12th October 1511
The warship Michael, also known as Great Michael, was launched for the Royal Scottish Navy of King James IV at Newhaven on the River Forth.


Scottish History - October

13th October 1862
15 people were killed and 35 injured when two trains collided head on in a cutting a mile and a half north east of Winchburgh, West Lothian


Scottish History - October

14th October 1318
Edward Bruce, Earl of Carrick, High King of Ireland died in the Battle of Faughart. Edward was the younger brother of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland




Scottish History - October

15th October 1651
Charles Stuart II, King of Scotland, England and Ireland sailed to France from Sussex after being hunted for six weeks as a fugitive in England by Oliver Cromwell’s men.



Scottish History - October

17th October 1796       Sir James Nicholas Sutherland Matheson was born in Shiness, Lairg. Sir James was one of the founders of the Jardine Matheson trading empire which still exists today.






Scottish History - October

22nd October 1589

King James VI sailed to Norway to collect his new bride, Anne of Denmark the second daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark.


Scottish History - October

23rd October 1295

A treaty is agreed between King John Balliol and King Philippe IV of France that marks the start of the long-standing "Auld Alliance"


Scottish History - October

24th October 1378

David Stewart, 1st Duke of Rothesay was born. David was the oldest son of King Robert III of Scotland and heir to the Scottish throne


Scottish History - October

25th October 1586

Mary Queen of Scots was found guilty of treason against Queen Elizabeth I at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire and sentenced to death.



Scottish History - October

27th October 1327

Queen Elizabeth de Burgh, the second wife of Robert the Bruce, died at Cullen Castle. Her Internal organs were buried in Cullen Old Kirk  while the remaining body was taken south for burial at Dunfermline Abbey.


Scottish History - October

28th October 1562

Mary Queen of Scots and her half-brother James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, defeated George, the 4th Earl of Huntly at the Battle of Corrichie. The Stewart’s aimed to rein in his ambition’s.




Scottish History - October

31st October 1860

Admiral Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald of Paisley and of Ochiltree, Marquess of Maranhão in the Empire of Brazil died in London from complications during a kidney stone operation. Admiral Cochrane achieved fame as one of the most daring Captains of the Napoleonic war

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