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Tracing Services: Locating Debtor's, Tenants & Missing People

We take instructions by legal companies on a regular basis to carry out their searches in Scotland. Do you need to trace someone to serve legal documents, papers or need to follow court orders in Scotland. Our people tracing experts have many years of experience to ensure you get the right details that the courts will need to move your case forward.

We have many solicitors who come to us on a regular basis to engage us in people tracing, due diligence for divorce cases, witness tracing from accident or assaults and more.

If you need reliable, discrete, up to date information for whatever reason look no further than our team of specialists.

Our Scottish Tracing Service can assist with:

  • Missing Tenant Location
  • Spouse Searches
  • Divorce Searches
  • Asset Sweeps
  • Property links and Ownership Searches
  • Witness Tracing
  • Deed & title Searches
  • Wills & Probate Searches
  • Fraud Searches
  • Identity Confirmation
  • Address Confirmation

Whatever your tracing needs are we are here to take instruction, advise and report in a clear understandable format.

Trace A Freeholder

Are you looking to find a property owner or freeholder?

We undertake traces on freeholder and trace property owners regularly. You may need to locate a named person on your lease or title. If so, our Scottish Tracing Service experts know that most of the time you have a copy title from the land registry and little else to go on.

Often, the deed will show the same address for the owner as the address you know he is not at! This can be frustrating and with a lack of details, it can be difficult to trace the owner of the property.

Trace A Property Owner

Many people come to us as they are interested in purchasing a run-down or derelict property with the hope of renovating it. It’s common and today, with property at a premium, we know that empty properties gather interest quickly. With this in mind you know you have to be quick to find the owner and put in your offer as soon as possible.

We may have clients from neighbouring or surrounding properties that are being damaged or reducing sale values due to their neighbouring house being such an eyesore. They need to locate an owner or someone responsible to ensure this property does not continue to impact their own.

Leaseholders come to us who need to contact a freeholder with the need to commence with changes to deeds, or titles or even the sale of the freehold. Possibly the lease nearing its end or works need to be done to the structure of the building.

It can be the case that an owner has passed away and the next of kin has not made steps to care for or repair the address. These cases can involve searches of probate and wills or professional genealogical research from our Scottish Family History research services to locate family members and discover who can assist or find out who is responsible for the land or property.

We are expert people finders with years of expertise in tracing missing people!

Debtor & Ex-Tenants Tracing Service

Get what's owed to you or your business!

We appreciate that missing payments from debtors or x-tenants can be devastating to small companies and individuals. In order to recover your funds a current place of contact is always needed.

Missing payments from ex-tenants or fleeing debtors can put a strain on your capital but also your resources and time. Losing large sums can be devastating for small companies and individuals who have hoped to gain from an investment or help someone out.

We know the best routes to take to reach a cost-effective accurate result. Be it overdue agreements, absconding tenants, CSA tracing, non-delivery of goods, we are ready and experienced with our debtor tracing services.

Have you been trying to trace a debtor?

If you have been trying to trace a debtor or locate absconding ex-tenants who owe money for rent or damages, we know that many of the online, credit paid searches offer little help and often the costs start to rise.

Our debtor tracing team go far more in-depth than a simple online voter roll check.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to locating missing people no matter what the situation.

Our Gengenie Research debtor tracing service will search through all the details you have and undertake a thorough search. We always supply a clear understandable report.

Locating a debtor is, in our view, best done discreetly. If your debtor knows you are looking for them, they may well make a service of documents difficult. When you need a thorough search for missing debtors or absconding tenants, then our experienced debtor tracing researchers can undertake a direct role in tracing a current address.

We will contact you directly, advise how the trace is progressing and ask additional questions that you may be able to add to our data.

When you need a thorough job done you need a professional! Have Gengenie Research care of your tracing request.


Insurance Fraud Investigation

Our insurance fraud investigation services are a service which offers our clients the means of searching for people who have disappeared from their most recent address whilst committing misdemeanours. We can offer our clients a fast, reliable and discreet service at very competitive rates.

Insurance fraud and scams can put a huge strain on your resources so whether you are a member of the public who has been scammed out of money you have worked hard to earn. Whether you are a large business who has discovered an employee has been using your company to commit fraud you will need information on the perpetrator and this is where we can assist.

Perhaps you have been scammed in another way and not through insurance fraud, we can help find a paper trail so that you can be ready when you wish to report your fraud or scam.

Perhaps you are searching for someone for other reasons, we are very discreet and are governed by data protection laws so any information given to us will be treated with the utmost discretion.

Search and Trace Genealogist's ~ Confidentiality Assured

Every case we work on is different so we would encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss which type of research you require, we can then customise your package to your needs.

Information found in relation to any case obtained by our Research or information provided by you will never be passed on to a third party for any reason other than to progress with the claim of the estate mentioned in any correspondence sent to you.

Gengenie Research are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Why not check out our full T's & C's which can be viewed on our Terms of Engagement page then drop us a line for a quote!

You can call Shirley on 07806513998 or contact us on our contact page and we will help you to work out which package or hourly rate is best suited to your needs.

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